Welcome to our
Dog Paddock

We know it’s hard to admit it but sometimes walking with man’s best friend can be challenging. Does your dog pull so hard you almost lose your balance? We can help with that.


Does he sometimes show aggression to other dogs? We can help with that too.

Have you or your dog ever been in fear from the presence of a loose dog running up to you? We can definitely help with that!


All the most common problems associated with walking or exercising your dog can be addressed at our Activity Paddock. We can provide a safe haven for you and your best friend to spend some quality time together safe in the knowledge that you will not be harmed or disturbed in any way. Our securely fenced paddock will keep your dog in and all others out and it is yours to enjoy during your one hour hire period. Play with the toys, use the equipment, practise what you have been learning in your dog training classes or just sit quietly and let your dog wander while you enjoy your time and space.