Grow through what you go through.

We are all children when it comes to mother nature.


Plants accompany us through every part of our lives contributing in an intrinsic way on a daily basis. Whether its flowers, trees, fruits/vegetables, annuals, perennials, di-annuals or evergreens, they bring us endless fruits of life to enjoy.


At the plant nursery you will find a wide array of plant types including bedding, baskets, fruit/vegetable and herbs, herbaceous perennials, shrubs, trees, Rose’s, gifts etc. There are climbers, shade loving, exotics, specimen all in a regularly updated array. We also stock a selection of indoor plants so you can take a part Darling Buds Of May with you to your home or as a gift for others.

We believe in a grow your own lifestyle and stock a variety of plants which provide edible produce including vegetable plugs, fruit trees and bushes, edible flowers, and herbs in mixed and individual pots for you to enjoy eating from your own produce. There is no joy quite like it!




Fire is a wonderful phenomenon of nature. Whether it is dancing on top of a cherry wood log in a fireplace heating our homes during the cold winter months, or under our barbeque grill sizzling away our food it is fascinating to us. This is why we stock a variety of fuels including:

  • Logs – loose pickup truck load can be delivered to you or available in bags for collection

  • Kindling 

  • Coal – premium smokeless, regular and barbeque charcoal 

  • Gas Cylinders – we are stockists of Flogas cylinders


We stock Algon Patio and Path cleaner which is a safe and natural way to remove moss and grime from paths and patios. It includes only natural ingredients that are safe for pets and children and it can be used around water course without any worries.


We stock a high quality selection of frost proof pots from the Errington Raey and MIMS pottery collection which includes Stone and Rustic metal finishes, as well as imported Terracotta pots available in all sizes. The finish and quality of these pots is second to none and they give a fine finish to any environment they are set into.


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